Deluxe Combo Shaving Kits

Welcome to our Deluxe Combo Sets page! In this section you will find the most comprehensive choice of shaving kits, created for the man who enjoys straight shaving as well as safety razor shaving.
These shaving combos make amazing presents for birthdays, Christmas, father day, etc.


All our deluxe combo shaving kits include a straight razor (with case/cover), a safety razor (with case/cover), a shaving badger, a shaving bowl and a leather strop.

We like to let our customers customize their sets as much as possible, therefore all our deluxe combo shaving kits allow you to pick the colours for your badger and bowl, as well as the type of case/cover you wish to receive for your razors.


We offer registered FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on all our deluxe combo kits, therefore whether you live in Ireland, North America, Brazil or South Africa,you don’t have to worry about high shipping fees!

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