Our Razors

Welcome to our razors section! Whether you are looking for a safety razor, a straight razor  (also known as cut-throat) or an easy-to-use Mach3 or Fusion you are in the right place.

To know more about each type of razor visit our sub-sections and familiarize yourself with our products before making your choice. A razor will stay with you for a long time, therefore it is important to choose the most suitable to your needs.

All our safety razor come with handmade handles in different materials, ranging from different types of wood, to camel bone, to buffalo horn and more. Our precision safety razors are chrome-plated for corrosion resistant and longevity and they use all standard double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave.

Our straight razor section is divided in two: “Damascus Steel Straight Razors” and “Carbon Steel Straight Razors“. For more information regarding these two type of razors we invite you to check the related sections. All the handles are handmade in a extensive range of materials types.

Finally if you are a beginner wet shaver you can check out our Mach3 or Fusion options, all our handles are perfectly compatible with Gilette blades.

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