GH-Evolution Hair Building Fibres


GH-Evolution naturally make your hair look thick and full in less than 30 seconds, simply shake GH-Evolution hair fibers over your thinning areas and you’ll be amazed how it transforms any thin or even colorless vellus hair to suddenly look thick and full.

GH-Evolution colour palette
GH-Evolution colour palette

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What is GH-Evolution Hair Building Fibres?

GH-Evolution Hair Building Fibres is a cosmetic solution made of 100% natural fibres that will cover any areas of thinning hair or scalp show-through to give the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

What are GH-Evolution Hair Building Fibres made of?

Let’s start with saying that various type of hair fibres worldwide used for hair-building products. Most brands up until recently have been using either keratin or wool fibres. Keratin containing fibres are crude and dusty with small particle size and are easily spilled/washed off. Also there is possibility of contamination with some harmful bacteria and other contaminants since the keratin is mainly derived from animal source. The wool fibres are derived from wool that is sheep hair and hence the same problems apply. Also in case of both – keratin and the wool fibres – the colours used to colour the fibre and chemical based and both these materials are highly resistant to colouring agents and hence stronger ones are used to colour them.
GH-Evolution are New Generation Fibres made of Gossypium Herbaceum (from here the name “GH” – Evolution), better known as…cotton. Yes, pure cotton containing fibres, which are precisely is the agent that gives the best possible outcomes. The cotton fibres are on the contrary the most natural of all the fibre brands as they are derived from a variety of the cotton plant that is known to grow in arid regions of Morocco. These cotton fibres are negatively charged when compared with the positive charge of the hair and hence they have superior adhesion properties and cannot be easily removed hence the coverage is much better with this than with the keratin or the wool fibres.
Also, the cotton fibres accept colour easily and hence herbal and plant derived colours are used to colour them and hence another advantage in terms of the safety of the product.
So, to summarize, the cotton fibres gives you a more natural look with better density with no animal content, no harsh artificial colours, is hypoallergenic, easy and fast to apply with more resistance to external factors like – rain, wind and sweat due to better bonding with the hair.

Can GH-Evolution be used with any hair spray?

Absolutely yes! GH-Evolution utilizes a new static technology to enable it to be held with any hair spray, and we actually advise to use a hair spray in combination with GH-Evolution, in order to optimize the result. It also resists sweating, wind and rain.

Does GH-Evolution irritate my scalp?

No, GH-Evolution is made of 100% cotton fibres, and they will not irritate your scalp. In the unlikely event that irritation appears, discontinue use.

Can GH-Evolution affect hair growth?

Unfortunately not, GH-Evolution do not help nor hinder hair growth. It is an aesthetic product that works through changing the visual appearance of your hair.

Will GH-Evolution work on all hair types?


Can GH-Evolution be used along with hair transplant or hair growth products?

Yes, but remember to always keep your hair dry before applying the product.

How long does GH-Evolution effect last?

It lasts until washed off with shampoo.

Can I sleep with GH-Evolution on my scalp?

Yes, however you may find strands on your pillow the next morning, in which case just dust them off with your hands. No need to wash the pillow.

How long will a 25g GH-Evolution bottle last?

It depends on the quantity you use on each application, however on average if used daily a 25g bottle will last around 30 days.

Is GH-Evolution suitable for both men and women?


How do you know if which colour to choose?

Please use the colour palette on this page as reference. If in doubt, pick a colour slightly darker then your hair.

Who can I contact if I have additional question?

For further information do not hesitate to contact us:

Please note that at this moment GH-Evolution is available for purchase only by U.S.A & Canada customers.


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