Damascus Steel Straight Razor with Pakkawood Blue handle

A Damascus Steel Straight Razor with Pakkawood Blue handle


A beautiful Damascus Steel Straight Razor, the perfect gift for every man!

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Have you ever experienced a shave with a straight razor, also known as cut-throat razor? Cut-throat razors have become more and more popular among today’s modern man. Wet shaving gives you a traditionally rich experience, you feel like you are back in those old and simple times.

Wet shave has that feel of manliness inside it which makes it really cool. Ask yourself, how would James Bond shave?

The preparation, the fragrances and the memories of the old barber shop where your Grandpa was taking you when you were a kid, along with using high quality wet shaving products can turn shaving into an enjoyable activity.
Furthermore, most men see an improvement on their skin condition from the exfoliating nature of a wet shave and the moisturizing effects of the products used.

Pick the perfect cut-throat razor for the perfect shaving experience! This ultra-elegant damascus straight razor is modern in design and easy to use. Like any other new activity, you just need some practice and a bit of patience to familiarize yourself with it.

Technical specifications:

Blade : 1095 and 15n20

Layers : 192

Handle Material : Pakkawood

Ensure you hone and strop your razor before use

You can also purchase this beautiful cut-throat razor on its own as well as part of a shaving set, which includes a high quality shaving brush, a shaving bowl and leather sheat or wooden case for your razor. Just click on this shaving kit link to see how it looks like.

Alternatively you can purchase the shaving accessories that you need separately. Check the shaving accessories section to view our wide range.

Lastly, if you don’t already have one, ensure you keep your razor sharp by getting a good quality leather strop. Stropping is essentials and needs to be done for a few minutes prior to every shave.

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