Straight Razors

Welcome to our straight razors section! A straight razor, also known as cut-throat razor is a traditional old-style razor with a long sharp blade that can fold into its handle. Straight razor shaving requires some time to master, however once you learn the right way to do it you will achieve a much closer shave than with an electric razor.


All the straight razors you find on our website come with a handmade handle made of different materials, like for example buffalo horn, camel bone or different type of wood. As you browse through our large range or cut-throat razors you will be spoiled for choice and you will certainly find the perfect one for your needs.


The blades of our straight razors are made of either damascus steel of carbon steel. Visit the related sub-sections to obtain more information on each type of straight razor and check out each product page for a detailed description of each razor.

Damascus steel straights.

Carbon steel straights.

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